Friday Feature-Mushu

Happy Friday! Meet this bad ass betch furiend Mushu. She gives Penny some competition in RBF. She always has the latest fashions and you will rarely catch her smiling (It's very off brand). She's been a Pawmiscuous girl since the OG days. Here's a little more about her. 

How old is your dog?
What breed is your dog?
Pug, Japanese Chin, Poodle, and a bunch of other stuff
Where do you live?
San Jose, CA
What is the worst fashion decision you’ve ever made?
I don't make bad fashion decisions.
If you were the ruler of the world, who would be your top advisor?
What would be the tagline to the sitcom of your life?
Don't press my bitch button
Where is the coolest place you’ve ever pooped?
The human's bed
What would your Superlative be? 
Best Resting Bitch Face
What is the weirdest thing you do?
Sit and stare at the human (with RBF)
What is the first thing you would do if you had opposable thumbs?
Open all the treat bags and eat all the treats
What is your favorite Pawmiscuous item?
I do what I want raglan!
If you could say anything to Penny, what would it be?
Let's have a RBF competition

You can find Mushu on Instagram @smooshy_mooshy

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