Friday Feature- Toby

Happy Friday! Meet my little Shihpoo furiend Toby. He never shows up to any pawty without the latest fashion. Toby is a total mama's boy and must always be "paw to skin" with mom. If you ever get a chance to meet him, he will give you unlimited smooches! (tongue only)

How old is your dog?
3 years old
What breed is your dog?
Where do you live?
Kensington, Brooklyn 
What is the worst fashion decision you’ve ever made?
Apple bottom jeans n boots with the fur
If you were the ruler of the world, who would be your top advisor?
Momager (she’d kill me if I name someone else!
What would be the tagline to the sitcom of your life?
The floof cannot be contained 
Where is the coolest place you’ve ever pooped?
I pooped at the airport while waiting for our flight... they’re lucky I didn’t go inside the plane..
What would your Superlative be? 
Most likely to French kiss you! kissing is my favorite 
What is the weirdest thing you do?
Fart while I get belly rubs every morning .. Shrek once said better out than in words to live by. 
What is the first thing you would do if you had opposable thumbs?
I’d probably be running my own IG account.. sorry mom..
What is your favorite Pawmiscuous item?
Duckie buttom down
If you could say anything to Penny, what would it be?
Penny, thanks for never snapping at me.. I know I’m your favorite

You can find Toby on Instagram @_toby_the_doggy_

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