My Decision To Adopt

Everything happens for a reason right? I wasn't necessarily looking to adopt a dog at the time as I was making a huge transition of starting my own business and let's be real, owning a dog in New York City doesn't come at a cheap price. I always loved dogs and wanted one of my own but there was never a perfect time. When I started my own Dog related business, people would ask me all the time if I had a dog and I would have to admit that no I didn't have one but I would love their dog like they were mine! I was the crazy dog-less lady haha. I found myself spending more time at home as I was transitioning to the "entrepreneur" life and thought let me try fostering through a rescue organization. Fostering can be very rewarding but emotionally hard at the same time. My roommate openly cried at Petsmart when our foster puppy got adopted haha. I on the other hand would text the new family (like a weirdo) asking if we could possibly see her in the near future. I'm sure they were thinking please leave us alone (however we did reunite with the puppy months later and boy was she HUGE.... but still so cute!) She will always have a piece of my heart <3 

Through that experience, I happen to come across the Instagram account of a girl who I can honestly say is an "award winning" foster mom. She fosters through many organizations and was fostering a puppy with the same organization as I had. I guess I would call this fate that led me to her Instagram account and see a photo of "Meeka" now known as Penny on her page. I immediately commented on the photo "When is the adoption event and where?" Again I wasn't looking to get a dog at the time but I was like well it won't hurt to fill out an online application. I submitted it and that day I get an email from the organization asking if I was available for a skype interview. Long story short, I had a meet and greet with "Meeka" the next day and brought her home that day. I thought to myself, what have I gotten myself into? I literally had nothing! No collar, no leash, no food, no bed, NADA. It was such a rewarding feeling knowing I was giving her a better life and it also changed my life for the better. 


Photo Credit: Instagram, Shibuyarollcall 

I was asked by Found My Animal, one of the organizations that rescued her from Florida about how Penny has changed my life. She's become my co-captain in life- my coworker, travel buddy, muse, model and friend. It definitely teaches you what it means to love selflessly and be more compassionate. My phone is full of pictures of her, created her own Instagram and I'm forever searching for the perfect collar.  It has not been the easiest as anything in life but has been worth every bit. I hope people choose to rescue since there are so many loving dogs waiting for their forever home. 

Featured Image Credit: Instagram, Stylepup

Rescue Organization: Pupstarz 

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