When to Jump

It's May which is my birthday month so I'm going to write a blog post and reflect my adventure with Pawmiscuous. It's been a goal of mine to work on more blog posts so even if nobody reads it, at least I did it haha. (Side note-I hate writing and always have.... literally writing an essay in College would be the bane of my existence)

I attended this event last week called "When to Jump" where I got to listen to the stories of people who made the decision to leave something comfortable and chase a passion. It spoke to me, even the part that was like "I quit my job and went to Bali", haha that was ME! I guess I'm part of the "Basic Bitch, quit my job, go to Bali" group. It was amazing to hear the stories of all these people from different backgrounds who felt exactly how I felt in that point of my life where I hated what I was doing. No matter what path you decide to choose, the hardest part is that Jump. Was it scary to quit my steady job and give everything stable up to go walk dogs in the beginning of Winter... hell yes! My Asian mother was mortified...lol. Pawmiscuous started as an idea of initially just walking/sitting dogs. Would people say it was a crazy idea? Absolutely... I mean I went to college (mind you still paying for my student loans almost a decade later) and I wanted to walk dogs. I started my business with absolutely no idea on how to even start a business. Google was my best friend, I probably learned more from Google than the 4 years of college. Did I know how to use photoshop, No- thanks youtube! Did I know how to sew? Not really- again thanks youtube. 

There is definitely so much I had to learn and still learning. This journey has had its ups and major downs... Entrepreneur life is hard. It may sound glorious, like yah working from home must be great, setting your own hours must be awesome, no boss what a dream! It can be a lonely journey, I probably talk to dogs more than I talk to humans on any given day. I am my own boss meaning I have to do everything, there is nobody to go to for questions (besides Google), I am accountable for all mistakes/errors that happen and because my business is my baby I am always thinking about work anyways. Even with all the difficulties, would I go back to what I was doing- definitely not! Whatever path you choose to go on is your own path and nobody can tell you what to do or how to do it. We all have our own timeline and whenever you are ready to make that Jump, you will just know :) 

Lots of Love,
COE (Chief of Everything), Pawmiscuous

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  • Kimberley says...

    Great post. Sounds like an interesting event. Do what makes you happy, is what I think.

    March 21, 2018

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